Arx Poetica is an intentional collective of global artists connected through today’s online renaissance.

The history of art has suffered as much as any history by trenchant and absolute divisions. Pagan and Christian art are sometimes harshly opposed, and the Renaissance is represented as a fashion which set in at a definite period. That is the superficial view: the deeper view is that which preserves the identity of culture.

—Walter Pater, The Renaissance

Our Story

Arx Poetica is an intentional artist collective.

The world is in the midst of a global renaissance. Just as the printing press promoted the rapid spread of ideas, so too the internet promotes the rise of global content creativity and influence. To adapt a Pixar expression, “anyone can create.”

As the media philosopher Marshall McLuhan anticipated, local communities can be global, and global can be local. To that end, Arx Poetica connects artists both in our communities and across the globe. We are united through online social media and offline local meetups.

We are artists of all types—from musician to painter to filmmaker—connected for a common purpose: to raise the standard for good and purposeful art.

We are artists of good intent.

Join Arx Poetica by participating in our worldwide and community events, joining in our social media art campaigns (hashtag #arxpoetica on , , and ), engaging in our shared exhibitions, and signing up for our email updates list.

Moontrees. Lithograph. Lili Hall Sharp.